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... what`s on in Trentino !
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A lot of diverse cultural and leisure facilities are shaping that
area. You can start your bicycle, climb, hiker, or whatever tour,
directly from the La Lanterna. If you go to Arco-City, just 2 km
away, you’ll find a lot of bus and train connections for your trip
in all directions.

We look forward to see you!

Youfs Elisabeta and Ruggero Faoro

Mobil around the Lake Garda
The public transportation will give you a lot of alternations to drive around the see without your own car. Use this
possibility to come from the airport to your billet, for your day trip around the lake or for your cresting with the cable
railway to the Monte Baldo which is 2079 meters high. Take a lot of excursions to the most famous places around
this area and earn much knowledge about the land and the people who live there.

Funparks at the Lake Garda
For those who awares the Italian, knows that they love the fun and amusement. An offer for the vacationer is the big
diversity of fun and action around the Lake Garda. It is worthwhile to see the Gardaland, the movie Studio Park or
the safari park. Furthermore, if you are ready to have an exciting adventure in the Jungle Adventure Park or see big
fishes in the new Sea Life aquarium then just come and do it.

The most beautiful tourist destinations around the Lake Garda
Straight nature that means steep mountains in the north, lovely hills in the south, cypresses, vineyards and olive
groves. It also means green meadows, cyclamen and gentian. That’s how the glorious nature of the Lake Garda
presents it to you. The scenically and vegetative diversity also the various animals and plants species implant that
area. This district is alpine and mediterranean, too. For those tourists who love the sun, covet the nature or only
want an activity holiday, it is the exactly holiday destination. It includes everything what a heart wants.

Sports at Lake Garda
The Lake Garda provides a lot of activities in sports. It is hardly the major place for doing sports in europe. Here the
climbing rocks are located at the surfsport, mountainbike trails will end at the beach and from the high montains you
can watch then sailers. This region incorporates water, mountains an flat land in a inimitable way. Surfing, sailing,
mountainbiking, climbing, riding on horses, playing golf, kitesurfing, diving, paragliding, wakeboarding, wintersports
and more. In this region you will find manifold offers by the providers of sports and free time activities, therewith you
can enjoy your stay to the full.

Restaurants at Lake Garda
The people at Lake Garda have the adage "A la tavola si invecchia mai" which means that at a table you don`t grow
old. They live to this motto and maybe to this reason they achieve the highest avarage of age in italy. The Lake Garda
invites to discover the culinary delights.

Art and culture at Lake Garda
Art and culture at Lake Garda means lots of small festivals in music and theatre just as the famous opera in verona.
In this performances there are prehistorical, antique and middle age just as modern, absurd and futuristic elements.
The infuences of the different rulers and peoples, which where attracted by the beauteousness of the see made the
region to one of the most manifold cultural area in europe. In the numerous museums you will find monuments,
scripts and paintings from all eras.

Nightlife at Lake Garda
The nightlife around the sea is very beautiful. You can have a drink in a bar and relax by played music or you can go
to a discotheque. At sunset, people meet each other and they go to different pubs. Normally the pubs and wine bar
are open until two am. When the clock strikes twelve the most of the young people go to different discotheques,
which are opened until four or five am. In the summer month you can always dance outside under the blue sky.
These places are often encircled from palm trees or pools. Locations like Bardolino and Desenzano are known
for their discotheques.

Marriage at Lake Garda
Furthermore the best place for a marriage is the garda-sea. Many agencies are specialised for those who want to
marriage there. Just come and find it out for yourself. There’s no better place for a vacation in Europe.